Continuing from the previous post about the project idea, let’s dive into brainstorming and explore how the platform can look, what features it should have, and how people can utilize such a platform.

To begin with, it is essential to have a client’s dashboard where users can access up-to-date information about future sessions, calls, or meetings. In my vision, having a layout like the one shown in the screenshot below would be ideal.

The dashboard would consist of a sidebar, displaying both future and previous sessions. It would be advantageous to enable clients to schedule new sessions directly from this interface. Additionally, incorporating a calendar feature would provide further convenience.

When accessing a specific session, regardless of whether it is a future lesson or a recent one, users would find an internal chat for easy communication, dedicated notes section for each tutor/consultant/coach, a link to join the meeting, and several configurable widgets that offer useful functionalities.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the provided design and feature suggestions. Please share your feedback and any additional ideas you think could enhance the platform.